Cisco partners with Centerity Systems to provide Dynamic Service Views of the SAP HANA environment.


The groundbreaking SAP HANA in-memory database platform is revolutionizing business workflows for many enterprise companies by delivering in-memory processes that enable real-time analytics, transactions, and predictive processes. By combining database, data processing, and application capabilities in-memory, SAP HANA enables companies to analyze vast stores of data and generate in minutes or even seconds complex reports that previously may have taken days or weeks to create. To help ensure quality performance, SAP works with trusted partners such as Cisco to deliver hardware and software as an integrated environment dedicated to running SAP HANA.

Integrated with Cisco® Unified Data Center solutions, including Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS®) servers and Cisco networking, the SAP HANA environment also supports NetApp or EMC storage and the SUSE Linux operating system. While implementing a tested environment helps customers optimize SAP HANA performance, monitoring all of the components can be difficult. Solutions such as Cisco UCS Manager can provide centralized dashboards to help manage individual pieces of equipment, but IT staff and managers really need a way to monitor the overall performance of the business services and key business processes based on SAP HANA.

“Our customers need to know more than just how each individual component of the system is performing,” says Joe Duarte, product manager, Cisco managed services for data center at Cisco. “What our customers and their end-users ultimately care about is that all the components work together and deliver high-performance results.” Cisco realized that its customers need the ability to monitor and manage the entire SAP HANA stack as a single solution, rather than as individual components.

When Cisco looked at the market, Centerity Monitor, a Cisco compatible product, addressed all of the management challenges. Centerity delivers comprehensive Business Service